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Updated 25 January 2018

Our Principal, Graham Kenyon, has authored and contributed to a number of leading industry publications and events, a selection of which are listed below:

Publications ‘in the pipeline’

  • *Due 2018* IET Standards Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Applications, 3rd Edition (Author, 3rd Ed. amendments). Draft for Public Comment consultation period ended 28 February 2018. For more information, click here.
  • *Due 2018* IET Guidance Note 5: Protection Against Electric Shock, 8th Edition (Author, 8th Ed. amendments)
  • *Due 2018* IET Guidance Note 6: Protection Against Overcurrent, 8th Edition (Author, 8th Ed. amendments)
  • *Due 2018* IET Electrical Installation Design Guide: Calculations for Electricians and Designers, 4th Edition  (Author, 4th Ed. amendments)
  • *Due 2018* IET Academy Course Electric Vehicle Charging Installations (content partner)
  • *Due April 2018* EDA Electrotechnical Product Knowledge Series (more information available from EDA):
    • Module 1 Introduction to the principles of electricity (Author)
    • Module 5 Wiring devices and controls (Author)


Seminar/conference papers and presentations

Seminar and conference discussion panels

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