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NEWS Practical considerations for d.c. installations

Our Principal, Graham Kenyon, is the lead author for this new December 2015 publication from IET Standards.
Supporting the IET Code of Practice for Low and Extra Low Voltage Direct Current Power Distribution in Buildings, this technical briefing provides guidance on the differences between how d.c. and a.c. circuits are considered, and will be useful to those involved in the design / specification, implementation, operation and maintenance of installations containing d.c. circuits and systems.

The IET Technical Briefing: Practical considerations for d.c. installations is freely available to download in PDF format from the IET web-site: http://www.theiet.org/resources/standards/dc-technical.cfm

IET dc tech brief cover
The cover of the IET Standards Technical Briefing – Practical considerations for d.c. installations. Copyright, Institution of Engineering and Technology.



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