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Updated 11 November 2019

Our Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Graham Kenyon, has authored and contributed to a number of leading industry publications and events, a selection of which are listed below:


IET guidance on BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IET Wiring Regulations)

Guidance Note 1: Selection and Erection (8th Ed now available)
Acknowledged Contributor, 6th Ed 2011, 7th Ed 2015 and 8th Ed 2018
Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing (8th Ed now available)
Acknowledged Contributor, 8th Ed 2018
Guidance Note 5: Protection against electric shock (8th Edition now available)
Author, 8th Ed 2018 Amendments      

Acknowledged Contributor, 6th Ed 2011

Guidance Note 6: Protection against overcurrent (8th Edition now available)
Author, 8th Ed 2018 Amendments
Guidance Note 8: Earthing & Bonding (4th Edition now available)
Acknowledged contributor, 2nd Ed 2011, 3rd Ed 2015, and 4th Ed 2018.
Electrical Installation Design Guide: Calculations for Electricians and Designers (4th Edition now available)
Author, 4th Ed 2018 Amendments

IET technical standards

Code of practice for electric vehicle charging equipment installation
(3rd Ed Now Available along with a purchase-to-download PDF of Fillable Checklist and Risk Assessment Forms in Annexes B to E)
4th Ed 2020 (*NEW* available early in 2020)
and 3rd Ed 2018
IET CoP for EV Charging Installations
Code of practice for electrical energy storage systems 1st Ed 2017 Co-Author
More information, IET video and how to purchase
Technical Briefing: Electrical energy storage: an introduction 1st Ed 2016 Lead Author
Free to download
Technical Briefing: Practical considerations for d.c. installations 1st Ed 2016 Lead Author
Free to download

Department of Health

Technical Memorandum HTM 06-01 Electrical services supply and distribution
Acknowledged Contributor, 2017 Edition
Free to download

*Award Winning* EDA Electrotechnical product knowledge series 2018 (now available)

Module EDAIPE1P Introduction to the principles of electricity First Edition (2018) and reprint (2019)
Module EDAWDC1P Wiring devices and controls First Edition (2018) Author


Technical press articles

  • Working safety with storage: It’s not business as usual, IET Wiring Matters Issue 74 (co-author with Dr Andrew Crossland CEng), March 2019: Read here
  • Earth fault loop impedance revision of ENA Engineering Recommendation P23, IET Wiring Matters Issue 72, September 2018: Read here
  • Code of practice for electrical energy storage systems – the thought leaders behind the new publication, IET Wiring Matters Issue 66, July 2017: Read here
  • Energy storage interview: Graham Kenyon, IET Wiring Matters Issue 63, Winter 2016: Read here
  • Technical considerations for d.c. installations, IET Wiring Matters Issue 59, Winter 2015: Read here

Seminar/conference papers and presentations

Seminar and conference discussion panels

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