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Updated 21 March 2019

Our Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Graham Kenyon, has authored and contributed to a number of leading industry publications and events, a selection of which are listed below:


IET guidance on BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IET Wiring Regulations)

Guidance Note 1: Selection and Erection (8th Ed now available)
Acknowledged Contributor, 6th Ed 2011, 7th Ed 2015 and 8th Ed 2018
Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing (8th Ed now available)
Acknowledged Contributor, 8th Ed 2018
Guidance Note 5: Protection against electric shock (8th Edition now available)
Author, 8th Ed 2018 Amendments

Acknowledged Contributor, 6th Ed 2011

Guidance Note 6: Protection against overcurrent (8th Edition now available)
Author, 8th Ed 2018 Amendments
Guidance Note 8: Earthing & Bonding (4th Edition now available)
Acknowledged contributor, 2nd Ed 2011, 3rd Ed 2015, and 4th Ed 2018.
Electrical Installation Design Guide: Calculations for Electricians and Designers (4th Edition due December 2018 – available to preorder)
Author, 4th Ed 2018 Amendments

IET technical standards

Code of practice for electric vehicle charging equipment installation
(3rd Ed Now Available along with a purchase-to-download PDF of Fillable Checklist and Risk Assessment Forms in Annexes B to E)
Author, 3rd Ed 2018 Amendments IET CoP for EV Charging Installations
Code of practice for electrical energy storage systems 1st Ed 2017 Co-Author
More information, IET video and how to purchase
Technical Briefing: Electrical energy storage: an introduction 1st Ed 2016 Lead Author
Free to download
Technical Briefing: Practical considerations for d.c. installations 1st Ed 2016 Lead Author
Free to download

Department of Health

Technical Memorandum HTM 06-01 Electrical services supply and distribution
Acknowledged Contributor, 2017 Edition
Free to download

EDA Electrotechnical product knowledge series 2018 (now available)

Module 1 Introduction to the principles of electricity First Edition (2018) and reprint (2019)
Module 3 Wiring devices and controls First Edition (2018) Author


Technical press articles

  • Working safety with storage: It’s not business as usual, IET Wiring Matters Issue 74 (co-author with Dr Andrew Crossland CEng), March 2019: Read here
  • Earth fault loop impedance revision of ENA Engineering Recommendation P23, IET Wiring Matters Issue 72, September 2018: Read here
  • Code of practice for electrical energy storage systems – the thought leaders behind the new publication, IET Wiring Matters Issue 66, July 2017: Read here
  • Energy storage interview: Graham Kenyon, IET Wiring Matters Issue 63, Winter 2016: Read here
  • Technical considerations for d.c. installations, IET Wiring Matters Issue 59, Winter 2015: Read here

Seminar/conference papers and presentations

Seminar and conference discussion panels

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